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Kosher Ethnic Restaurants
If ever there was a place where one could enjoy authentic foods from different cultures it is Israel. Since the establishment of The State people have been coming to Israel from all corners of the world, and with them comes their culinary culture and expertise.

Only in Israel can you enjoy a range of cuisines, from Italian to Indian, and back again to the Middle East. Here are some of our favorire ethnic cuisines.

Minato - 8 Hamenofim, Herzelia 09-7731703
Minato is a classic Japanese restaurant with a charming style. This is an Izakaya restaurant, the concept which is a meal made up of a stream of different small dishes that can be shared. Each dish is a small gem, beautifully presented and delicious.

The menu includes tasty sushi, salads, noodle dishes, meat-based dishes, meat on skewers and other delicious Japanese dishes.
The restaurant is located in the high tech area of Herzlia Pituach.

Darna - 3 Horkonus St, Jerusalem 02-6245406

Darna is a strikingly beautiful restaurant, unique on the Israeli scene. This restaurant combines great atmosphere and delicious authentic Moroccan foods. You aint seen nothin' till you've been to Darna, and if you haven't been there yet, here is your opportunity.

Darna is a feast for your senses, from the magnificent Moorish decor to the last forkful of your meal. You will enjoy the unique combinations of herbs and spices, lentils, fish and meats that characterize Moroccan cuisine. Manager Ilan Sibony sees to every detail personally, which is one of the reasons that this restaurant is so special.
For a cyber "taste" of the magnificent restaurant
visit the Darna website.

This restaurant has several rooms, each more beautiful than the next. This restaurant is ideal for parties of all sizes. You can even make a wedding at Darna.

Sheyan - 8 Ramban St, Jerusalem 02-5612007
Sheyan is a lovely Asian "retreat" in Jerusalem. This is a beautifully designed restaurant with authentic Asian furniture and decorating elements. Every last piece of furniture, dish, utensil, art work, not to mention the cooks themselves, come directly from the Chinese mainland. And what a collection!

Sheyan Restaurant is large and spacious. The restaurant has one large dining space, a great outdoor terrace, and some smaller intimate corners. The beautifully decorated private party room is a perfect venue for a small family gathering or business meeting.

The food at Sheyan is delicious, plentiful, and reasonably priced. There are many choices including fish, and meat dishes. The noodle dishes are very reasonable and there is a complete Sushi menu.

Sheyan is a big, lively, busy restaurant with lots of positive energy. Reservations are a must.

Marrakesh - 5 David Hamelech, Netanya 09-8334797
Marrakesh is an exotic and colorful restaurant with unique foods and highly stylized decor. This makes for a fun evening and a great dining experience.

The detail in the authentic Moroccan style decor including the colorful ceramic Tagines on each table and the fine embroidered tablecloths contribute to the fun of dining at this restaurant.

The menu, which is nicely presented in three languages (Hebrew, English and French) offers a combination of Moroccan style dishes and grilled meat and fish. It is fun to mix and match the different styles of food. The couscous is excellent and the desserts are delicious. Don't miss this one!

Gueta - 6 Yerushalayim Blvd, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6813993

Gueta is a Libyan restaurant, specializing in Tripoli food. The restaurant is owned and operated by the Gueta family and mamma Leah Gueta has brought with her many wonderful culinary secrets from her native country.

Gueta is located directly across from the Noga theater. The décor is homey and simple but clean and inviting. The service is impeccable and quick and the food is delicious and very reasonably priced.

Libyan food is flavorful and tasty, spicy but not overly so. Open with an array of salads which are particularly delicious on their super-fresh bread.

Our reviewer recommends the “Complete Couscous” an all-in-one meal, that includes the lightest couscous you'll ever eat anywhere flavored with “tbicha,” “mafrum,” “yabrak.”

What are all of these? See about Gueta Restaurant

Pasha - 8 Haarbaah, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5617778
Pasha is an authentic Turkish restaurant in the heart of Tel Aviv. Start your meal with Turkish salads; and stuffed vegetables served in mouth watering sauces. Feast on meat kebabs and bread from the Taboun. Then move on to spring chicken with pistachio and cashews or Masahne - tenderloin on a pita. The more conventional Denis fish as well as veggie side dishes are also available.
Coffees and yummy Turkish desserts wind up your meal.

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